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av out cable for tv

Building Automation Cable 8core Shielded Outdoor 1.5mm 305m

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LSZH and pvc jacket Coaxial Cable Industrial and Building Automation Cable

a full range of copper range Accessories cat6 ca6a cat7 Keystone jack utp and stp patch panels loaded and Unloaded

data socket data patch cords cat8 cat6a utp and stp with fluke pass internal standard has Certified and

tested by UL Intertek IEC and Local authority Etisalat and DU.

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Network Cables Manufacturer

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Fahad Cables Industries FZE is one of the most Reputable Manufacturers of network cables in the Middle East. Providing a happier, richer future through Providing solutions for copper and optical communication for the past 20 Years.  Founded an ultra-high-speed,multimedia world with  full flash production facility in Sharjah Hamriya Free Zone (United Arab Emirates) to facilitate you throughout the telecommunication world.