Fahad Cables Industry opens a happier, richer future through providing total solutions for copper and optical communication with vast experience of 20 Years, which is required to create an ultra-high-speed, multimedia world started full flash production facility in Sharjah Hamriya Free Zone-United Arab Emirates to facilitate its client throughout the telecommunication world.

Also providing O.E.M services to well-known brands which are in the field of telecommunication since long I.E TMT Global Technology with main office in United Kingdom and trading facilities in different countries. Our main focus is on after sales support and client feedback based on which we are continuously evolving our manufacturing technologies to provide best engineering solutions in the local market from which our client will get the benefit to avoid international purchases and can get rid of high cost of deliveries/logistics.

The products are produced based upon the international standards followed by UL, IEC, Intertek, CE, ISO 9001:2015, RoHS and approved by United Arab Emirates telecommunication authorities which gives endless confidence to our clients so they can use our product without any doubt and hesitation.

We, specially focusing on supply chain management and taking care of client needs with the minimum BOQ to provide them ease of purchase and stock management, there is no any restrictions for our clients in terms of MOQ and client will get what they required I.E either they can buy 100 Patch Cords or multi thousand meters of cables. For our middle east clients we are just one call away.

Customer’s satisfaction is very essential to the growth of a company it is highly beneficial to both the business and the costumers, Fahad Cables Industry aims to provide the best quality products which leads to satisfaction and reliability to customers.

Based on our corporate philosophy, “Fahad Cables,” we will go beyond simply generating profits to develop forward thinking competencies by innovating our business models, developing environment-friendly high-quality products and reinforcing our partnerships with stakeholders as the best partner that will maximize customer values. We will open a brighter future by innovating and investing in technologies that push the envelope and developing the best total solutions


Our Production line consist of below equipment;

  • Copper Range;
    • Category 5E UTP 4 Pair Cable
    • Category 6 4 Pair Cable (UTP / FTP / SFTP)
    • Category 6A 4 Pair Cable (UTP / FTP / SFTP)
    • Category 6 & 6A Patch Cable (1/3/5/10/15/20 Meter & Customized)
    • Category 6 & 6A RJ45 Module Jack Keystone (UTP/FTP) With Tool & Premium Class Tool Less
    • Multicore Alarm / Communication Cable (4/8/12 Core)
    • Radio Grade 59 & 6 Coaxial Cable


  • Optical Fiber Range;
    • Single & Multicore / Single & Multimode Optical Fiber Cable (0.9 / 2.00 / 3.00 mm)
    • 4 Core Multicore Single Mode Optical Cable (Indoor / Outdoor)
    • Multicore Single Model Optical Cable (2/4/12/24/48/96 Core & Customized)
    • Single & Multimode Optical Patch Cables (1/3/5/10/15/20 Meter & Customized)
    • PLC Splitters with SC/APC & LC/APC Connectors (2x2/2x8/2x16/2x32)
    • Optical Fiber Connectors (SC/APC, SC/UPC, LC/APC, LC/UPC & ST/PC) – Simplex and Duplex